Stunning Aria Wedding “Survivor” Katie & Brad:

WARNING: Hotness ahead. Don’t get yourself burned.  The simply stunning Aria wedding of Katie and Brad was over-the-top incredible.   The devil is in the details, and Katie’s bombshell dress and sizzling heals were red-hot-wedding-fashion stunners!

Katie should be accustomed to the heat.. being aTV star on CBS “Survivor Philippines” and all…“The Tribe has spoken“, and they said that this wedding was AMAZING.

Brad and his group of dudes were ready for the cover of GQ so the coolness factor raced to 10.

Their little guy, pretty much stole the show with cuteness.

The ceremony was elegant and charming, as they were married outside, to a backdrop of Aria’s lush gardens and stone fountains.

Inside, the reception ROCKED and danced thanks to “Bert” and his crew from After Hours Djs.

Congrats again to Katie and Brad, Enjoy!

-Airen Miller Photography:  860-261-5617

-After Hours Dj:

-Hair and Makeup by Naomi’s Salon:

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