Elegant & Timeless Hartford Society Room Wedding: Mallory & Erind

Elegant, romantic and timeless, this Hartford Society Room wedding is all of these.  Bring on the Badgley Mischka shoes, luxurious embossed parchment invites, a blush pink color pallet and more! Check it out!

The day started with Mallory getting ready with the ladies in the Marriott Residence Inn, where we captured details like OMG the coolest crystal-encrusted Badgley Mischka wedding heels!   They were too die for!

A  Society Room ceremony is like no other, gold vaulted ceilings tie way to cathedral windows and decadent gorgeousness.

The couple exchanged vows and then it was off to Hartford City Hall and Pratt street for some wedding photo hotness!  Mallory’s awesome balloon prop and streamer were the cutest!

Back at the venue, this cute couple danced the night away thanks to DJ and professional saxophonist DJ. Jeff Ladd.

Cheers and congrats again to this amazing couple for planning such a luxurious and remarkable wedding! It was an hoinr to be part of it!

Airen Miller Photography  www.amillerphoto.com Email Amillerphoto@gmail.com 860-261-5617

The Hartford Society Room http://www.hartfordsocietyroom.com

DJ: Jeff Ladd: www.jeffladddjplus.com/



BEST_wedding _photographers_CT_0001 BEST_wedding _photographers_CT_0002

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Hartford_Society_room_pic_0002BEST_wedding _photographers_CT_0007 BEST_wedding _photographers_CT_0008

Hartford_Society_room_pic_0003BEST_wedding _photographers_CT_0009 BEST_wedding _photographers_CT_0010

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BEST_wedding _photographers_CT_0019 BEST_wedding _photographers_CT_0020 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0001 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0002 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0003 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0004 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0005 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0006 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0007 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0008 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0009 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0010 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0011 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0012 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0013 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0014 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0015 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0016 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0017 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0018 Hartford_Society_Room_Pics_0019 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0020 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0021 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0022 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0023 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0024 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0025 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0026 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0027 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0029 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0030 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0031 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0033 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0034 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0035 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0036 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0037 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0038 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0040 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0041 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0042 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0043 Society_Room_of_Hartford_0044

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