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Wood Acres Farm, hosted this classic rustic wedding nestled in the New England hills.   Sarah and Stephen were married under gorgeous skies and lakeside vistas.

The day started with the men having a blast with their pre-ceremony toast of Tennessee whiskey (my favorite too).

The ceremony was sunny and bright, with wild flowers and horse drawn carriage rides.

The Wood Acres Farm was hopping, and the married couple rocked the night away thanks to DJ Michael Simonetta.

Here are a few teasers to enjoy!  Congrats to Sarah and Stephen!

*Want to see more of this stunning couple?  Check out the engagement session we photographed together at The Fairfield Hills Asylum! CLICK ME

Best wishes!

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A Perfect day for a rustic New England barn wedding at Wood Acres Farm in Terrryville, CT. Kerry and John picked the perfect day and venue to have their wedding under blue skies and sweet summer sun.

Horse drawn carriages and amazing DIY details were abound.  Check out the flowers and OMG Kerry’s vintage couture wedding SHOES!

Kerry’s father has a super cool vintage car… a Chevelle SS perfect for a 454 horsepower photo shoot!

The bridal party rocked the night away and sipped spiked lemonade on the barns wrap around porch, perfect for summer fun.

Congrats to Kerry and John!

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Wood Acres Farm:

DJ: Bill from Local Motion:

Cinema : Matt from MV Films:

Hair and Makeup by Pure Platinum in Oxford CT:

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Christina and Ian were married at the beautiful rustic barn at Wood Acres Farm.  Under a stunning blue sky, the couple exchanged vows and kisses, and joined two families as one.

We started the day, capturing some “getting ready” hair and makeup photos with the ladies…how cute is Christina with her awesome rollers in her hair?

The men were at Wood Acres Farm, and ready to rock the photos…and they did. Totally GQ magazine calling.

The ceremony had it all, with Christina arriving via horse drawn carriage, to gasps of joy an excitement from the guests.

We had a blast exploring the grounds at the farm,  and found some places “never-before-used” for photos.

The night rocked to the music of DJ-Saxophonist “Jeff Ladd” and we ended the night with a killer sparkly sparkler shot!
Check it out and enjoy!

CT Photographer: Airen Miller Photography

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DJ: Jeff Ladd:

CT Wedding Reception: Wood Acres Farm

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