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Our blue Cinderella dress photo shoot in Atlantic city turned some heads, and received the attention of stylish  “Tied In a Bow Magazine”!  OMG how cool is this??  The wedding fashion shoot was amazing, from helicopter rides, to the white sands of Atlantic City Beaches and modern artwork on the boardwalk.   The magazine is available online as well, so check out the pics, then browse through the link…our 8 pages spread starts on page 24.  It is so exciting when our work gets published, I hope you enjoy it too.  Cheers!
Airen Miller

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Photography : Airen Miller Photography



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modern_trash_the_dress_Photographer_CT_NY_0001 modern_trash_the_dress_Photographer_CT_NY_0002 modern_trash_the_dress_Photographer_CT_NY_0003 modern_trash_the_dress_Photographer_CT_NY_0004

Here it is, some wedding fashion inspiration for those looking for some ultra sexy vintage Hollywood chic.

A girls night out. Hot hollywood vibes, and gold foil martinis. Hot fanciful fun.

I just love the gold tones and rich silks that gave way to sumptuous fashionable deliciousness.  It was really like photographing a hollywood movie set, circa 1950.

Photographing golden frosted cupcakes and decadent chocolate shared by two beautiful ladies, what can be better?


When the lights went down, the session turned up the heat, as the ladies wore vintage nightgowns and rocked some of the coolest pinup ever!

Special thanks to all the team involved:

Airen Miller Photography:   Email

Hair and Makeup: Dana Bartones Co.

Styling/ Vintage Dresses:

Flash Tattoos: “The Tattoo Bar Service”

Amazing Cupcakes: NoRa’s Cupcake Co.

Kick-ass location: NoRa’s Cupcake Co.

Models “Chloe” and “Ashley” from John Casablanca’s CT

CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_01                             CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_02 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_03 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_03A CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_04 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_05 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_07 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_06 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_08 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_09 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_10 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_11 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_12 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_14 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_15 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_16 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_17 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_18 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_19 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_20 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_21 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_22CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_23 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_24 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_25 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_26 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_27 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_28 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_29 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_34 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_35 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_37 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_38 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_39 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_40 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_43 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_44 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_45 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_46 noRas_cupcake_04 Noras_cupcake_30

Fashion photography and styled photo shoots for models: When creative forces align, the uniqueness and imagery get pretty kick-ass. Its like taking that guitar map, cranking it full blast, and shattering the windows.   We had the studio blasting some Lady Gaga, and Madonna, and we rocked some of the most fun shots like….ever. Our models Rebecca and Chloe were on point, and the looks they gave were perfect.  Edgy, sophisticated and HOT, Chloe and Rebecca were amazing to work with.  Hair and Makeup by Kelly Hart “ThatGirl” gave a nice dramatic vibe and brought out the amazing look of the talent.  Styled fashion by Trish, the ladies were wearing some amazing vintage clothing, adding hints of nostalgia as well as a unique modern approach. Available for travel worldwide, and specializing in NYC and Boston locations, we offer styled photography for models (and every man/woman) for their portfolio and comp cards.

Call or email any time for pricing and information: 860-261-5617

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Styling/ Clothier Patricia Miller of “Picture MY Styles”

MUA: Kelly Hart:

Thank you to our amazing models: Chloe and Rebecca CT_NY_fashion_boudoir_photographer_Airen_Miller_0002 CT_NY_fashion_boudoir_photographer_Airen_Miller_0003 CT_NY_fashion_boudoir_photographer_Airen_Miller_0004 CT_NY_fashion_boudoir_photographer_Airen_Miller_0005 CT_NY_fashion_boudoir_photographer_Airen_Miller_0006 CT_NY_fashion_boudoir_photographer_Airen_Miller_0008 CT_NY_fashion_boudoir_photographer_Airen_Miller_0009

tattoo bar2

The Fusion Union Wedding expo ROCKS!
The “Not-Your-Mothers-Wedding/Bridal-Show 2014” was held at The New Britain Museum of American Art. This “Rock-n-Roll Bride” expo featured tattoo artists, unconventional wedding photographers, specialty food, noRA cupcakes, ONYX MOONSHINE, and much much more!
We were thrilled to be part of such diversity!

ROck 0n! -Airen and Trish MILLER


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As the temperatures outside dropped to a record cold, our bride Amy kept things hot… as she got ready to marry Joe; at a fantastic Society Room of Hartford Wedding!

11 girls got primped and prepped with makeup by “Simply Gorgeous By Erin” along side Amy in her suite at the Hartford Marriott. Just a few floors below was Joe and his handsome crew of groomsmen.  The tuxedos were a classic romantic style with the elegant cranberry details to match the sweetheart cranberry dresses for the bridesmaids. Soon, it was time to catch a ride to Hartford City Hall, via party bus by Premier Limos.

At Hartford city hall Joe awaited Amys’ arrival where they shared an intimate first look all caught by our team and the video team of Matt Ness. After we caught the stunning and fabulous shots of Bridal Party, Amy and Joe brought the smoldering drama to the images.

 The exquisite Society Room had the scene set with ceremony decor arrangements to compliment the romantic style Joe and Amy had chosen. Touches of cranberry brought the Society Room alive with love and romance. After Amy and Joe exchanged traditional vowes under the gold embossed cathedral ceilings , it was time to turn up the party. Mike at AMS entertainment turned on the party lights and turned up the music to a crowd lead by Amy and Joe dancing the night away.  For a super “send off”- the newly married couple and their bridal party took over Pratt street with fireworks and sparklers in the snow…Congrats to Amy and Joe. It was our pleasure celebrating your day with you, your family and your friends.


Airen & Trish “The MILLERS”

Airen Miller Photography “THE MILLERS” 860-261-5617

Cinema/Video MV Films:

Makeup: SimplyGorgeous By Erin:

The Society Room of Hartford

The Marriott Residence Inn Hartford

Lighting and Music/DJ: Audio Media Solutions (AMS)