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Here it is, some wedding fashion inspiration for those looking for some ultra sexy vintage Hollywood chic.

A girls night out. Hot hollywood vibes, and gold foil martinis. Hot fanciful fun.

I just love the gold tones and rich silks that gave way to sumptuous fashionable deliciousness.  It was really like photographing a hollywood movie set, circa 1950.

Photographing golden frosted cupcakes and decadent chocolate shared by two beautiful ladies, what can be better?


When the lights went down, the session turned up the heat, as the ladies wore vintage nightgowns and rocked some of the coolest pinup ever!

Special thanks to all the team involved:

Airen Miller Photography:   Email

Hair and Makeup: Dana Bartones Co.

Styling/ Vintage Dresses:

Flash Tattoos: “The Tattoo Bar Service”

Amazing Cupcakes: NoRa’s Cupcake Co.

Kick-ass location: NoRa’s Cupcake Co.

Models “Chloe” and “Ashley” from John Casablanca’s CT

CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_01                             CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_02 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_03 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_03A CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_04 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_05 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_07 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_06 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_08 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_09 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_10 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_11 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_12 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_14 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_15 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_16 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_17 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_18 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_19 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_20 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_21 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_22CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_23 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_24 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_25 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_26 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_27 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_28 CT_BEST_Modern_wedding_photographers_29 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_34 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_35 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_37 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_38 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_39 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_40 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_43 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_44 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_45 CT_BEST_OF_Fashion_wedding_photographers_46 noRas_cupcake_04 Noras_cupcake_30

It was a blast and an honor to be asked to photograph Kristen Taekman (Of Real Housewives of NYC fame), at The John Casablanca’s Modeling agency last week.  Kristen is absolutely stunning and charming and funny and sweet. The event was a blast, with gorgeous styling by CT’s premier event planner Paramount Wedding Designs.  Cool details such as vases of fresh green apples complimented the sweetness of NoRA gourmet cupcakes which were a huge hit.  Dj Kenny Q and Kenedi had the crowds dancing and grooving’.  Enjoy,  and special thanks to all involved!

Photography: Airen Miller Photography

Design/Event planner: Paramount Wedding Design

Host and location: John Casablancas

Digital Cinema: MV FIlms

Makeup: Rena Santopietro

Hair Stylng: Lauren Perry

Cupcakes: NoRA cupcake:

Music: DJ Kenny Q: