Cool, Edgy Modern Wedding: Margaret & Alex

A modern wedding, with plenty of edgy coolness. Add in rooms filled with laughter and joy, a hot Dodge Challenger SRT, and you get the perfect mix for Margaret and Alex’s amazing wedding.

It was a beautiful fall day in New England, and the girls were ready to rock-n-roll.  Margaret’s amazing shoes were totally KILLER, and we used some of the pumpkin details to capture those rocking’ heals.

The men were hanging at the church; Saint Josephs, a beautiful backdrop for the sky to show its blue!

Margaret and Alex were married to cheers and applause of their guests, and ready to rock out at the reception.

The Aqua Turf Club played backdrop to some fantastic blue sky visuals, as well as bringing out that amazing hot rod Dodge Challenger!  Alex is also a Harley Davidson Motorcycle fan, so check out their engagement session pic too!

Congrats to Margaret and Alex, Enjoy!

Airen Miller Photography: 860-261-5617





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