Rolls Royce Wedding at Cascade, Hamden Connecticut: Ashley & Michael

Ashley & Michael rocked their Cool-Classic-Rolls-Royce-Cascade wedding!  This wedding had style, and some of the coolest fashion details!  Navy blue bridesmaids dresses, gorgeous flowers, a classic Rolls Royce,  Badgley Mischka bridal shoes and even a sparkly chrome pair of Michael Kors baby shoes for Ashley and Michaels little girl! You may also remember these two from their killer engagement session at Eolia Mansion/ Harkness park!

The men wore ultra stylish mens suits in a modern grey, complete with some superhero altar-ego shirts, they were ready to rock this super wedding!

The ladies were gathered in classic navy blue dresses, the perfect compliment to Ashleys’ stunning bridal gown.

Cascade hosted a beautiful ceremony with lush gardens and scenic views, and the happy couple danced the night away.

Congrats and enjoy!

Airen Miller Photography 860-261-5617

Bridal Hair and Makeup: Larissa Lake Makeup Artists:

Flowers: TK Floral Designs:

Cascade, Hamden CT

airen-miller-photo_1774 airen-miller-photo cascade-wedding-hamden_0001 cascade-wedding-hamden_0003 cascade-wedding-hamden_0004 cascade-wedding-hamden_0005 cascade-wedding-hamden_0006 cascade-wedding-hamden_0008 cascade-wedding-hamden_0009 cascade-wedding-hamden_0010 cascade-wedding-hamden_0011 cascade-wedding-hamden_0012 cascade-wedding-hamden_0013 cascade-wedding-hamden_0015 cascade-wedding-hamden_0016 cascade-wedding-hamden_0017 cascade-wedding-hamden_0019 cascade-wedding-hamden_0021 cascade-wedding-hamden_0022 cascade-wedding-hamden_0023 cascade-wedding-hamden_0024 cascade-wedding-hamden_0025 cascade-wedding-hamden_0026 cascade-wedding-hamden_0027 cascade-wedding-hamden_0028 cascade-wedding-hamden_0029 cascade-wedding-hamden_0030 cascade-wedding-hamden_0032 cascade-wedding-hamden_0033 cascade-wedding-hamden_0034 cascade-wedding-hamden_0035 cascade-wedding-hamden_0036 cascade-wedding-hamden_0037 cascade-wedding-hamden_0038 cascade-wedding-hamden_0039 cascade-wedding-hamden_0040 cascade-wedding-hamden_0041 cascade-wedding-hamden_0042 cascade-wedding-hamden_0043 cascade-wedding-hamden_0044 cascade-wedding-hamden_0045 cascade-wedding-hamden_0046 cascade-wedding-hamden_0047 cascade-wedding-hamden_0049 cascade-wedding-hamden_0050 cascade-wedding-hamden_0051 cascade-wedding-hamden_0052 cascade-wedding-hamden_0053 cascade-wedding-hamden_0054 cascade-wedding-hamden_0055 cascade-wedding-hamden_0056 cascade-wedding-hamden_0057 cascade-wedding-hamden_0059 cascade-wedding-hamden_0060 cascade-wedding-hamden_0061

Their Engagement session was amazing too!

Harkness_park_wedding_pics_0079 Harkness_park_wedding_pics_0168

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