Elegant and Luxurious Aria Wedding: Eleni & Justin

We are THRILLED to share this elegant and luxurious Aria wedding of Eleni & Justin!

The day started with shots! At the mens location, the guys were dressing to the sounds of celebration… shots and toasts to the happy couple!  The men rocked steel blue tuxes like a scene from a James Bond movie.  Cool and calm, they turned up the drama and burned up the lens with killer looks!

The ladies were getting ready with Eleni, and they were fierce!  Eleni’s custom made dress was drop dead gorgeous! They stopped traffic (literally) with a hot stroll down the street outside.  DUDE! Did I mention the shoes?!?! Super-chrome-silver-jewel-emblazoned pumps that were to die for.  Totally HAWT!  How cool is Eleni’s Dad posing with his Mercedes! Too cool!

Eleni and Justin exchanged vows in the amazing Sacred Heart Church in New Britain CT.

The reception at Aria Banquets in Prospect CT was exquisite, with details galore, lush flowers and fantastic purple accents.  The crowds danced the night away…with the little ring bearer totally stealing the show!

Check it out and Enjoy!  Gratulujemy! Życzymy Wam wszystkiego, co najlepsze! – Airen & Trish Miller

Photographers: Airen Miller Photography: http://www.amillerphoto.com

EMAIL amillerphoto@gmail.com         PHONE   860-261-5617

Location: Aria Banquets: Prospect, CT http://www.AriaBanquets.com

Hair and Makeup: The Beauty Bar http://www.TheBeautyBarCT.com

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