Unique Engagement Session at Abandoned Building : Eleni & Justin

Check out this engagement photo session, shot in an abandoned burnt out, graffiti filled building!  Eleni, Justin and I planned for an engagement photo shoot at their local reservoir.  Little did we know…it was some PRIVATE property…and we were kicked out only minutes after parking (I have been kicked out of many many more places…but thats a whole different story).  With an impending rain storm coming, we jumped to “plan B” and moved to a park down the road a bit, to capture some storm clouds and then finally some sun!   For their second look/ outfit change, Justin and Eleni wore amazing outfits for an impromptu photo session in an abandoned mechanic shop! The day was a huge success with plans that happened to change…for the better!

I am THRILLED to share a SNEAK PEEK of these images… Enjoy!

Airen Miller Photography             http://www.amilerphoto.com           amillerphoto@gmail.com        860-261-5617

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