Topsmead Park Engagement Session: Michelle and Mark

Autumn in Connecticut and Topsmead Park was a perfect combo for this engagement session!  I am so excited to share a few sneak peek pictures of Michelle and Mark AND their dogs!

The park was bursting with color and we had such a blast walking around and capturing some amazing moments.  Enjoy!


CT_Engagement_session_pics0002.JPG CT_Engagement_session_pics0003.JPG CT_Engagement_session_pics0005.JPG CT_Engagement_session_pics0006.JPG CT_Engagement_session_pics0007.JPG CT_Engagement_session_pics0008.JPG CT_Engagement_session_pics0011.JPG CT_Engagement_session_pics0015.JPG CT_Engagement_session_pics0016.JPG CT_Engagement_session_pics0022.JPG CT_Engagement_session_pics0025.JPG CT_Engagement_session_pics0026.JPG Topsmead_Park__Engagement_session_0002.JPG Topsmead_Park__Engagement_session_0006.JPG Topsmead_Park__Engagement_session_0009.JPG Topsmead_Park__Engagement_session_0010.JPG

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