Bill Millers Castle Wedding: Jaclyn & Rob with celebrity guest!

This Bill Millers Castle wedding was stunning!  Jaclyn & Rob rocked their 4th of July wedding in style and classic elegance, with amazing details, some dramatic rain and a special celebrity guest officiant!

The setting: starting at the Omni Hotel in New Haven, The ladies were anxious and partying.  Jaclyn’s dress was killer….and her shoes were to die for…Betsey Johnson pumps with ZIPPERS on the BACK! Totally hot!

The Guys… were cool and collected, hanging out on the top of the Omni bar, a perfect setting for the men.

Jaclyn arrived at Bill Millers Castle by an elegant coach trolly… which was a blast to ride and to photograph.

The wedding ceremony was quite the scene, with Fox News Channel’s own “Logan Byrnes” officiating the romantic ceremony. 

The rain didn’t stop us from capturing some truly stunning shots, some of my favorites are the umbrella shots, check them out!

Enjoy, and Congrats to Jaclyn and Rob!

Airen Miller Photography email

Celebrity Wedding Officiant : Logan Byrnes : 

Omni Hotel New haven:

Bill Millers Castle:

After Hours Dj: 

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