Trash The Dress Photo Shoot: Atlantic City, NJ Beach sun and fun!

Atlantic city beaches and a blue bombshell dress were the perfect ingredients for a “trash the dress” photo shoot!  Trish played supermodel as we explored some cool urban backgrounds and then headed to the famous Atlantic City boardwalk and beach. Photo shoots like this are just so much fun, they really get exciting! What better way to leave with some fantastic photo souvenirs!

This also got us thinking… “Trash the dress” photo shoots aren’t only for weddings….  just use a fun fanciful dress that you don’t mind rocking and rolling in some of the coolest places ever!  The juxtaposition of a fancy-pants dress with some funky places… is simply perfect for a killer photo.

Enjoy the pics, and lets here it for my babe/wife Trish, who rocked the blue dress!

Trash the Dress Sessions starting at $700

*call any time to book one! 860-261-5617

Airen Miller Photography:

a_NYC_CT_fashion_photographers_0007 NYC_CT_fashion_photographers_0001 NYC_CT_fashion_photographers_0002 NYC_CT_fashion_photographers_0003 NYC_CT_fashion_photographers_0004 NYC_CT_fashion_photographers_0005 NYC_CT_fashion_photographers_0006 NYC_CT_fashion_photographers_0008 NYC_CT_fashion_photographers_0009 trash_the_dress_photographers_CT_NY_0010 trash_the_dress_photographers_CT_NY_0011 trash_the_dress_photographers_CT_NY_0012 trash_the_dress_photographers_CT_NY_0013 trash_the_dress_photographers_CT_NY_0014 trash_the_dress_photographers_CT_NY_0015 trash_the_dress_photographers_CT_NY_0016 trash_the_dress_photographers_CT_NY_0017 trash_the_dress_photographers_CT_NY_0018 trash_the_dress_photographers_CT_NY_0019 trash_the_dress_photographers_CT_NY_0020

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