Photographing Comedian Lisa Lampanelli last week!

Last week was amazing, and we were honored to photograph comedian Lisa Lampanelli (The “Queen of Mean”…who is really super sweet).

It was an honor once again to be the official photographer and listen to the speakers, and capture the emotions throughout the event. Lisa Lampanelli was coming to dedicate a plaque, in honor of the exclusive partnership between Bristol Hospital and The WLSFA (Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America).

When Lisa arrived she quietly entered the back of the room almost undetected. Her small petite frame is still filled with witt & banter that only “America’s Bad Girl Comedian” can deliver.  All in attendance listened as she spoke from the heart, and laughed at the jokes she told…as only she can.

Thanks for the laughs Lisa!
Airen and Trish Miller

Photography: Airen Miller Photography:

Flowers: Stylish Blooms

Also thank you to
Perky Jerky

PB2 amazing low calory peanut butter

BioPro Protein

DaVinci Gourmet sugar free coffee syrups

Click Espresso Protein Shakes!

Special Thank You to Bristol Hospital

Celebrity_Photographer_CT_NY_MA_0015 Celebrity_Photographer_CT_NY_MA_0001 Celebrity_Photographer_CT_NY_MA_0003 Celebrity_Photographer_CT_NY_MA_0002

Celebrity_Photographer_CT_NY_MA_0004 Celebrity_Photographer_CT_NY_MA_0005 Celebrity_Photographer_CT_NY_MA_0006 Celebrity_Photographer_CT_NY_MA_0007 Celebrity_Photographer_CT_NY_MA_0008 Celebrity_Photographer_CT_NY_MA_0009 Celebrity_Photographer_CT_NY_MA_0010 Celebrity_Photographer_CT_NY_MA_0011 Celebrity_Photographer_CT_NY_MA_0012 Celebrity_Photographer_CT_NY_MA_0013 Celebrity_Photographer_CT_NY_MA_0014 Celebrity_Photographer_CT_NY_MA_0017

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