Barns at Wesleyan Hills Wedding in CT: Monica & Nick

Monica and Nick had a simply stunning wedding at The Barns at Wesleyan Hills, in Middletown, CT.

Blue skies and cool breezes were set ablaze by this couple! From the candy apple red hotness of the Bridal party ladies dresses to the fiery red inferno of Monica’s wedding shoes…. this couple was going to set the night on fire!

The Ceremony, Middlefield federated Church… a beautiful location with some great spots get some cool shots of the couple on those stairs…*complete with clouds and red doors…love it!

Driving from the church, we all got our exercise in…hiking…uphill…. to those amazing bails of hay on the top of the hill.  A spectacular view for an amazing series of bridal party portraits.  Monica and Nick brought the heat, for quick photo session of the “dramatic” ….and  boy could Monica bring it!

The Barns at Wesleyan Hills was a blast, with the old wood and cool uniqueness of Connecticut’s “best of” barn location.  The couple walked the grounds and greeted guests.  The big treat at the end of the night…NORA’s Cupcake Van…you know I love some skulls and that van is awesome!

Congrats again to Monica and Nick!

Photography: Airen Miller Photography: 860-261-5617 email

Reception: The Barns at Wesleyan Hills

Cupcakes: Noras Cupcakes


barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0015 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0048 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0051 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0180 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0255 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0256 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0265 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0271

barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0340 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0353 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0357 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0370

barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0379 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0454

barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0478 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0570 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0582

barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0594a barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0604 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0611 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0630 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0664 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0681 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0687 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0695 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0696 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0704 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0699 barns_wesleyan_hills_wedding_ct__0712 CT_modern_wedding_photographers__0717 CT_modern_wedding_photographers__0721


CT_modern_wedding_photographers__0777 CT_modern_wedding_photographers__0827 CT_modern_wedding_photographers__0838 CT_modern_wedding_photographers__0877 CT_modern_wedding_photographers__0878 CT_modern_wedding_photographers__0923 modern_wedding_photographers_CT_0995 modern_wedding_photographers_CT_1004 modern_wedding_photographers_CT_1005 modern_wedding_photographers_CT_1029 modern_wedding_photographers_CT_1035 modern_wedding_photographers_CT_1307 modern_wedding_photographers_CT_1312 modern_wedding_photographers_CT_1525 modern_wedding_photographers_CT_1529

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