Andrea & Glenn: Beautiful Barns at Wesleyan Hills Wedding

Andrea and Glenn, such a sweet couple whose wedding day was spectacular.  We started at The Inn at Middletown, a really cool, eclectic spot, with such a grace and and old school charm…. a perfect compliment to the couple.  Have I mentioned Andrea’s wedding shoes yet? OMG…complete awesomeness…purple Badgley Mischka’s with ostrich feathers!! We new from the start.. this was going to be an epic wedding.  From the killer shoes to Andrea’s dress, the details were stunners!

Soon, it was time for Andrea’s Mother helping her with her dress, then time to have things heat up with a few quick pics of her bridesmaids with dramatic hotness…and the ladies rocked it!

The Men.. how cool are they? Rocking the Ray Ban Sunglasses, and walking the streets…like they own em’ it!

Time to get married, and The Barns at Wesleyan Hills in Middletown Ct was the place to be for ceremony and reception.
Their ceremony under the gorgeous drifting willow trees was visually stunning.   Breezes swayed the branches and vows were read…. laughs were shared and tears were shed.

Their formals included a trip into the underground passageway.. an iconic shot that they simply made stunning.

Time to party, and they did.. dancing the night away under twinkle lights and the ambience of an amazing barn.

Congrats to a wonderful couple… Andrea& Glenn!

Airen Miller Photography 860-261-5617

Reception: The Barns at Wesleyan Hills

Cinema: David of Fairytale Studio

barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0006 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0014 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0038 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0042 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0044 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0059

barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0075 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0089 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0093 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0108

barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0121barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0113 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0124 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0130 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0144 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0142 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0242

barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0238 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0228 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0229 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0230 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0231

barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0405 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0428

barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0439 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0445 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0471 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0472 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0488 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0492BARNS_AT_WESLEYAN_HILLS_ barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0500 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0531 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0533 (1) barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0533 (2) barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0533 (3)

barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0538 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0565 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0566 (1) barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0566 (3) barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0566 (4) barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0566 (5) barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0566 (6) barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0566 (7) barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0581 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0624 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0675 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0680 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0693 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0870 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0873 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0785 barns_at-Wesleyan_hills__0927




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