Diva Taunia Dolls: A Beautiful Burlesque! Wowsa!

We had insane pleasure to photograph the beauties of the Diva Taunia Dolls Burlesque Show, at The Junkyard in Nashua, New Hampshire.  What a cool edgy backdrop for this show! The “Junkyard” is killer club, filled with abstract art giving it a post modern apocalyptic TOTALLY ROCKSTAR feel. The walls are a photographers dream, bold colors saturated with textures lead me to want to use them for the backdrop in many of theses teaser pics.  That blue wall just screamed “shoot me”! And the girls? What can I say, I let the pics do the talkin’. The “Dolls” show was a visual delight, led by the lyrical powerhouse Diva Taunia.  Other acts such as the risqué 1950’s secretary Fraulien D’Anger, the acrobatic stylings of Veronica Pepper, and belly dancer Libby got the crowds blood pressure pumping. Enjoy these pics!



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